Operation FAUST started on May 2nd 1945 in the 
neutral certified De Nude and went straight
through still occupied Rhenen. It was a huge
transport and distribution of food for the starving
population in the western part of the Netherlands. This
operation was almost simultaneously executed with the
air operations Manna and Chowhound.
With 350 British and Canadian trucks, the transport 
went from food storage facilities in Oss and Den Bosch
to the transfer points at De Nude near the Grebbesluis.
With 200 new trucks made available by the Canadian 
army, the food was transported to the still occupied
western part of the Netherlands. Now 75 years later,
between May 1st and 5th 2020, Operation FAUST
comes back to life!

On this website we will fully inform you about the
event OPERATION FAUST. At this moment
dozens of volunteers are busy with the
organization. Make a note of May 1st to 5th 2020
in your agenda because you cannot miss

Operation FAUST is open to anyone who has a ‘KTR’ vehicle from the period 1940 - 1945. 
On the routes the British and Canadian vehicles will be leading the convoys, the US vehicles will join. All vehicles are provided with magnetic stickers with the correct marking of the transportation units.
Living history and re-enactment groups are also welcome. They can report to the organization 
via the contact form in the menu to see how they can participate in FAUST

At this moment the organization is not yet ready to register for OPERATION FAUST. 
As soon as this is possible, you will receive notification via the regular KTR channels
and a digital registration form will also be published on this website.